Armory and Supply



  • Armordillo Concealment: We HIGHLY recommend Armordillo Concealment holsters.  All of our students receive a 10% discount when purchasing from AC.  If you have trained with us and don’t have the code shoot Deryck a email!

Other Gear

  • I.C.E Store:  If  you’re looking for the CLAW sights, RAC (Range and Carry) Belt, I.C.E Belly Band, and Crossbreed Holsters.

Firearm Purchase and Transfers


  • Cape Haze Firearms:  This is OUR local gun shop and have partnered with them to provide all the training classes for their customers. If you are in the Englewood Beach, FL area or near by you should definitely check these guys out. At the time of writing this they are a new shop with a growing list of in stock items and if they don’t have what you need most likely they can get it quickly. They have a friendly and knowledgable staff with no elitist 2A attitude going on here. 


  • 2 A Sales & Supply:  If you are in Maryland you should definitely check these guys out. They have a modest website but don’t let that fool you.  This shop has a large selection in stock with a friendly and knowledgable staff.  There is no elitist 2A attitude going on here and I can confidently recommend visiting them if you are looking for your first firearm or just adding another to your collection.  This has become my “go-to” place for all firearm purchases and transfers.