I’ve been carrying in the appendix position since sometime in 2009 so as you can probably imagine there wasn’t a large selection (almost none) of dedicated AIWB holsters available. So few in fact that the first holster I used was a Blade-Tech neutral drop IWB holster (I believe they call it the “Nano”) now. The Blade-Tech worked “ok” but I was really forced to dress around the gun and was limited to compact and sub-compact guns. Well in 2015 it seems like every holster make out there makes their own version of an appendix holster. This increase in selection is great but at the same time holsters are one of those very subjective pieces of gear so trying to find one you like could end up costing you a few hundred dollars or more in purchases before you find the one that you like. (Personally, I could probably buy another Glock with all the money I’ve spent on “misses” with holsters.) Well, I found my favorite holster a couple years ago (Keepers Concealment) so I wasn’t quick to jump and spend 100+ dollars on another holster just to test and then add it to my student loaner box of holsters. I ran into some friends at the NRA Annual Meeting who I trust and they really convinced me to give the Raven Concealment Eidolon a try. Here’s my 2 cents after wearing it daily for week.