Fundamentals of Concealed Carry

IMG_2224The Fundamentals of Concealed Carry course is designed to educate the student about the handguns that are best for concealed carry, how to carry them safely and securely, and how to use them efficiently in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident.

This course is designed specifically for those new to conceal carry, those looking for a comprehensive class to meet state training requirements to obtain a conceal carry license.

This comprehensive course takes place at a live fire range where students will be introduced to the fundamentals of defensive shooting. Students will learn about various firearms types and the distinct advantages that some have over others with regard to conceal carry use. Students will be introduced to the most important shooting skills and have the opportunity to develop their competency in the context of a “conceal carry” shooting situation. Fundamental Conceal Carry Tactics, How to Carry Safely and Securely, and dealing with Law Enforcement Response will also be covered.

This course is designed to take 6-8 hours, depending on class size and questions.
Students should bring their defensive handgun and holster, if they own one, and three (3) magazines.
Because of range ammo requirements, the cost of 9mm ammo is included in the registration price. If you need a different caliber please send us an email prior to registration so that we can give you the proper price difference for your ammo. We are not in the ammo business so the price we charge for the ammo is exactly what it costs us.

NOTE: If the student has not purchased a handgun yet we have have firearms and holsters available for use during the course just send us a email prior to enrolling. If the student has a handgun but not yet purchased a holster feel free to send us a email. We have some loaner holsters for specific handguns. Finally, if we don’t have a loaner for your specific handgun we have a partnership with Armadillo Concealment and discount code you can use.

Upcoming Classes

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