Defensive Firearms Coach

This intense three-day course is designed to increase the student’s understanding of defensive firearms, their use in a home defense situation and increase their ability to share that information with others. The course is split between the classroom( 75%) and Live Fire Range (25%) and focuses on understanding the differences between generic “shooting skill” and truly understanding the most important aspects of using a firearm for self-defense. There are no pre-requisites for the DFC Course, but students will be required to successfully pass a written test of knowledge and perform well during a teaching demonstration in order to achieve Certification.

The DFCCC will feature in-depth sessions on types of handguns and their value in the role of defense, ammunition selection, storage options, home defense tactics, interacting with law enforcement, developing fundamental defensive shooting skills, Combat Accuracy, The Balance of Speed & Precision and overcoming myths, misconceptions and anxiety in those new to defensive shooting. Attendees will also learn the most important drills to run to help their students develop their skills efficiently.

Defensive Firearms Coaches are certified to teach the I.C.E. Training Company Fundamentals of Home Defense Handguns Course, a comprehensive course designed to educate those new to defensive firearms in the most critical aspects of their use for home defense. Defensive Firearms Coaches are also certified to teach Fundamentals of Concealed Carry. Certified Defensive Firearms Coaches also receive a $500 discount on tuition should they elect to go on to take the Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Development Course. Attendees should bring an appropriate defensive handgun, three magazines, rigid holster, and 250 rounds of ammunition. The instructor will provide a Notebook & DFC Guide.

Open to:
General Public / Law Enforcement / Military / Private Security

Course Eligibility
No Prerequisites

Cost: 3 Day Course $800