Defensive Focus Carbine is designed to expose students to an efficient method of defending themselves with a semi-automatic rifle during a worst case scenario. All of the principles and fundamentals of theCombat Focus® Shooting program are applied to the carbine and the following topics are covered:

  • Four Points of Contact with a rifle and Intuitive Shooting FundamentalsCarbine_PDN
  • The Balance of Speed & Precision with a carbine
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Aiming Methods
  • Combat Accuracy
  • Volume of Fire
  • Critical Incident Reloads & Efficient Carbine Handling
  • Transitioning to a Pistol
  • Counter Ambush Response with a Slung Rifle
  • Shooting while Standing, Squatting, Kneeling & Seated
  • Shooting around Cover & in Unorthodox Shooting Positions
  • Fundamental Carbine Malfunction Clearing

This course is offered as both a 1 day and 2 day course.

Students will supply their own ammunition and should plan on
1 Day: 450 rounds of ammunition for this course-400 rifle and 50 pistol.
2 Day: 800 rounds of ammunition- 750 rounds of rifle and 50 rounds of pistol.

Students are welcome to bring extra ammunition, as there will be certain drills where round count can easily be increased.