Why Train With Us?

Why should you consider training with Echo-5 Training Group?  

Because we strive to provide our students the most relevant personal defense courses that teach the most efficient strategies and concepts that work well with what the body does naturally in the context of an ambush.

We appreciate that our students honor and respect our military or public sector service.  However, this is NEVER a good reason to solely base your decision to train with ANY instructor.  We will tell you now the principals and concepts learned in those endeavors do not apply to the student who carries a gun for personal protection.  Being a expert “operator” does not necessarily equate to a expert “teacher”.  We strive to be the best teacher possible and any Echo-5 trainer has committed to our motto of “I will demand of myself all the energy, knowledge and skills I possess, so that I can instill confidence in those I teach.

At Echo-5 we do not try to be “everything to everybody”.  Our in house specialty is Defensive Shooting Instruction.  You might be thinking “Well if that is all you do then where does Training Group come from?”  We recognize that there are many facets to developing a well rounded defensive strategy.  These include physical fitness, un-armed defense, armed defense, primary care, and so on.  We have developed strategic alliances with others who specialize in these areas.  It is these alliances that allow us to help our clients meet their individual defensive needs.  To take this further we are more than happy to host a course with one of our partners or provide referrals where to get the needed information.